Pan Am Greenway Legacy Report

Justin Hall

McMaster University

When: Summer 2015


Pan Am Greenway: Cannon Street Cycle Track In preparation for the 2015 Pan Am Games and in response to increased demand for cycling infrastructure in Hamilton; GWB was tasked by the Trans Canada Trail Ontario with determining how to ensure a legacy for a section of the Pan Am Greenway called the Cannon Street Cycle Track. The Cycle Track is a bidirectional protected active transportation path connecting Hamilton's waterfront to the CIBC Pan Am Soccer Stadium. The Cycle Track acts as a key connection in the Trans Canada Trail Network that facilitates cycling mobility throughout the province and as a major east-west connection in the city. To ensure a legacy for the Pan Am greenway a team of GWB students examined primary and secondary research to make recommendations based on the best practices of other major games. The findings focused on soft legacy creation through cycling related events and education programs and hard legacy development through improved infrastructure for cyclists along the path.


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