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Geographers Without Borders - UWaterloo (GWB-UW) is a growing chapter that has adopted the broader GWB mandate of applying geographical skills in order to tackle social and environmental issues at local and regional scales. Since the formation of the club in May 2015, GWB-UW has spearheaded several projects in the fields of ecology, transportation and entrepreneurship.
We address these social and environmental issues through projects in two ways. Firstly, we expand upon students' education by offering lectures and workshops in geography to students looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field and who are aiming to solve real-world problems. In addition, we have initiated a number of mapping projects which are used as a means to communicate local and regional information within a visual and spatial context.

Projects Lecture

Dr. Trisalyn Nelson from the University of Victoria to give a lecture on, a cycling safety initiative.
University of Waterloo


An online platform used to identify,catalogue and map local Kitchener-Waterloo companies and businesses to promote nearby fair trade.
University of Waterloo

G2G Trail Mapping

Collaborating with the Goderich-to-Guelph Rail Trail Advisory Committee, GWB-UW is building an interactive web-map of the G2G Rail Trail.
University of Waterloo

Plan Bee

Plan Bee consists of the creation of an online suitability map highlighting the best locations for honey bee apiaries in Ontario.
University of Waterloo

Current Membership

Maju Sadagopan
University of Waterloo

President of GWB UW

Sara Harrison
University of Waterloo

MES Candidate at University of Waterloo

Ian Evans
University of Waterloo

M.Sc. Candidate, UW Chapter Vice President

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